Welcome to Vocal Focus, the online home of voice teacher and soprano Ronni Sarrett Lederman. Located in Westchester County in the town of Bronxville, NY, Ms. Lederman gives voice lessons for both singing and speaking voice improvement to students in the area including Rockland County, Bergen County, and Westchester County in NY.

Working with students from all walks of life from the professional singer to the complete beginner, the goal of voice lessons is a healthy, strong and free voice; a voice that has many vocal colors and options. Good singing requires the free and easy ability to make sound without any sence of strain. The information in this site is here to provide information about vocal technique that emphasizes breath support, resonance and relaxation of constrictor muscles for vocal ease, power, beauty and expressiveness.

It is from experience that she states almost anyone can improve their singing voice and almost anyone can learn to speak with greater ease. The motto is "if you can speak than you can sing!" Unfortunately many people have been told that they can't sing, but in reality with training this is rarely the case.

Who Benefits From Voice Lessons?

Anyone who is looking to improve the quality, range and strength of their singing or speaking voice while reducing vocal tension and voice fatique. For example:

Singers of any level, age or style who seek to improve breath support, diction, range, timbre, and ease of singing from the professional pop, opera, country, classical or rock singer to the complete beginner. People who use their speaking voices in careers such as voice-over artists, actors, teachers, therapists and politicians and need greater endurance and vocal skill. In addition Ronni specializes in helping people who feel that they "can't" sing and has tranformed many tone challenged people into emerging vocal talents. She works with children age 12 and up, younger children who are singing or acting professionally, teenagers, adults, seniors, aspiring singers and professionals.

What is Taught

Posture and alignment
Breath support and control
Customized vocal exersises
Tongue, jaw, larynx and throat relaxation
Open throat - a free larynx, for improved resonance
Diction, agility and articulation
Vocal dynamics and control
Singing choices depending on style
Development and blending of vocal registers 
Song/dramatic interpretation
Musicality and basic musicianship
AND  Most Importantly---Believing in yourself!

 Teaching Style

Lessons are fun, non-judgmental and creative. Ronni teaches voice so that the student can understand how their voice physically functions. The voice and the body as it relates to singing is no mystery. Her teaching is done with creativity and each lesson is intended to be a wonderful discovery process. The goal is always to be sensitive to the needs and learning styles of the student. The mind-spirit and body connection is paramount.

WARNING: Not all Voice Teachers are Created Equal!

When looking for a voice teacher it is important to find out if he or she has had training in vocal pedagogy. If not this teacher will only be able to understand her/his own voice, but not how the voice functions within the human body. Voices, vocal issues and strengths vary from person to person. Vocal pedagogy, which is professional level course work in vocal anatomy, vocal physiology, developmental repertoire, alexander technique, vocal health issues and acoustics of the vocal tract is an essential prerequisite needed to become an effective singing teacher. Yes it's true that there is an art to teaching that can't be taught, however intuition, personality and empathy is not enough and is not a skill set for being a great voice teacher.

Fortunately Ronni has, in addition to fifteen years experience in teaching all levels, ages and styles of voice, extensive training in all aspects of vocal pedagogy, and has effectively and dramatically improved the voices in people with voice damage to the gifted opera or pop star. 

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