Ronni's Bio

Ronni Sarrett Lederman is a classically trained Soprano and loves performing. She has studied voice in New York City extensively with several outstanding teachers and coaches including metropolitan opera stars, since 1991 and has performed in the US and Europe with Rockland Symphony Orchestra, WestFair Singers, Operaesque Classical Concerts, Pro Arte Chorale, WestFair Singers, New York Vocal Artists, New York Opera Forum, Hudson Lyric Opera, Rockland Opera, Westside Opera Society, Palisades Opera (which she founded and acts as a producer) as a jazz soloist in NYC, Westchester County and St Croix USVI, and more.

She has had a private voice studio for 19 years in Rockland County (Nyack, NY), and now teaches privately in Fairfield County, CT. She has worked as a vocal coach for both singing and speaking at The Caribbean Community Theatre in St Croix, USVI. and dance studios. Ronni gives a Voice Workshop to groups interested in finding personal power, connection and expression with their speaking voices. In addition, she is in the process of writing a book about voice work and personal development.

She has taken the entire vocal pedagogy curriculum offered through the  New York Singing Teachers' (NYSTA) Professional Development Program for voice professionals, including speech pathologists and voice teachers. This includes vocal anatomy and physiology, singers developmental repertoire, vocal acoustics, vocal health and comparative pedagogy. In addition she has studied the McClosky Vocal Technique, Alexander Technique, Estill Training levels one and two, CCM level one with LoVetri, Resonant Voice with Katherine Verdolini and studied Vocal Management Techniques at Westminster Choir College with Dr. Anat Keidar. She attends voice conferences on an ongoing basis such as those given through NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) and the Voice Foundation. She has also studied voice production and articulation, acting, sight singing and music theory.

As a voice professional she analyzes how the voice works and applies these principles to vocal technique in the style the student wishes to sing. 

Ronni has welcomed a wide variety of students into her studio. Up and coming rock stars, pop artists, opera singers, choral singers, broadway professionals, high school students, the complete adult or adolescent beginner, the voice-over professional and the speaker with vocal challenges. She has also worked as a vocal coach directly in several community theater productions. In all cases Ronni teaches "holistically". The philosophy is to teach a person on three levels: intellectual- there should be an understanding of how the voice is produced, physical- through muscle memory, support of the entire body and specific muscle relaxation and engagement, and emotional-spiritual - through a positive and supportive approach, through releasing emotional blockages to vocal production, as well as an emotional/spiritual connection to the music and content being expressed vocally. Exercises are tailored to a person's style and voice. A "cookie cutter" approach is never used, instead exercises are utilized that are custom-designed to each person's individual needs and goals.

Lessons are available for adults, teens and select (professional) children. All ages, ability levels and styles are welcome. Lessons are for one hour or 45 minutes (or 30 minute sessions for youngsters.) Ms. Lederman is located in Fairfield (Fairfield County), Connecticut She is a member NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing), The Voice Foundation, and the New York SingingTeachers Association (NYSTA). To schedule a lesson, workshop, or if you have any questions please call: (845) 548-9308, 9 AM - 10 PM EST.