Empower Your Voice, Change Your Life!- A speaking voice workshop.

In my workshop I link concepts of the Law of Attraction, A Course in Miracles, and neuroplasticity of the brain to the natural energy source we have in our voices. It enables the participant to directly harness his or her personal power and personal expression in a unique and easy way! 

Just like any musical instrument, the human body is a sound-maker. Learn how the body produces our voice and why the voice gets injured or sometimes doesn’t work optimally. In this workshop we explore how to warm-up the voice, especially when it feels tired, how to connect the voice to the entire body for easy power, and how to keep the voice healthy. Learn how to sing in tune or speak freely, approach high pitches easily, and speak with variability and breath flow. We explore techniques to release vocal tension and open the throat for greater resonance and breathing techniques to support voice production. 

We will experience different vocal qualities and colors and how they convey meaning, the emotional roots of voice problems, and self-empowerment through a released voice. The actual words we use only convey roughly 10% of what a person is actually communicating!

Most importantly voice work can deepen our spiritual connection. 

Everyone can benefit from this presentation. Your voice is your unseen face. How you use it to express yourself affects every aspect of life. Teachers, lawyers, sales people, spiritual seekers, presenters, therapists, singers, actors, clergy and corporate professionals all rely on their voice as a main vehicle for communication and personal expression. Empower your voice and change your life! 

Click here to see my latest youtube video on the subject! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htor3bRlCuE

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